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A good night’s rest is essential to any beauty routine. Your bedroom is an extension of your personality, so you take decoration seriously. These handy tips will help you create a gorgeous private oasis that helps you get the best sleep.

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Bed Cover

A pretty design is a must, but so are quality materials. A silky or high thread-count bed cover can make a big difference in texture. 200 thread-count/inch is fairly good, but the best cloth usually has a thread-count above 300. Soft cotton is a classic, although alternative materials like synthetic polyester, silk velvet and trendy Tencel (a material made of wood pulp) are also popular.

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A sweet scent creates the best slumber. Choose a mild aromatic candle or essential oil to enhance relaxation and then a good sleep.

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A dim environment is essential for quality sleep. Using a light-blocking curtain goes a long way in shutting out the city lights and morning sun. Sleeping in darkness accelerates the generation of melatonin, which is a natural form of treatment to get a youthful look.

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String Lights

For a romantic touch, hang a string of lights on the wall! It also makes a great backdrop for selfies. Let the soft glow of these lights lull you to sleep.

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Soothing lullabies are not just for babies, they work just as well for adults. The sound of nature is the best lullaby. Use nature’s white noise to help lull you to dreamland.


It goes without saying that a good night’s rest helps ensure a happy day ahead. So roll up your sleeves and get moving! Prep your room for perfect nights and even better days!




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