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Healthcare innovations include all designed devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems to simplify the operation, lower the cost and improve the quality. Here are 4 promising health innovations in 2019.

Patient communicates with her doctor via a laptop for advice - telehealth

(1) Telehealth

Telehealth is an emerging market. Patients can remotely access various health care services and manage their health care via computers and mobile devices at home. Meanwhile, doctors can improve and deliver health care services at a distance. Telehealth increases accessibility, patient satisfaction and overall engagement. 

Female Runner Looking At Her Mobile And Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

(2) Healthy Wearable Products

Due to the uptrend of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, more people wear healthy wearable products to keep track of their health instantly. Generally, healthy wearable products can monitor heart rate, glucose, physical activity, sleep cycle, etc. Data can be saved to analyze health conditions. The big data is also favorable for the development of consumer and enterprise health solutions. 

Side view of block chain hologram on blurry pattern background. Interface concept. 3D Rendering

(3) Blockchain

Synaptic Health Alliance announced that blockchain technology is used to improve data quality in the healthcare industry. The initial stage is using blockchain technology to improve the quality of information available in provider directories maintained by health insurance providers. In the future, it will be used to improve patient data security, speed payments and provide more access to patient data.

Medical technology concept. Electronic medical record.

(4) Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare industry accelerates the pace of investment in big data and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence system can interact directly with users, identify specific illnesses, deliver health status assessments and triage necessary actions via the use of mobile and tablet health apps.


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