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Have you ever experienced low blood sugar while exercising? You may feel weak or get hurt easily if you are not eating enough before a workout. What should you eat before, during and after exercise? Here are some suggestions for your workout meal plan.

Homemade sandwich with smoked turkey and lettuce

(1) What to eat before exercise

Eating foods high in digestible carbohydrate, moderate in protein and low in fat like low-fat granola bars, chicken breast sandwich, banana or yogurt which can provide you enough muscle glycogen as energy for exercising. When is the best time to eat before exercise? You should eat around an hour to four hours in advance. Don’t eat too much. Hydration is also important before a workout. Drink 5 to 10 ml of water per kg of your body weight before two hours.

Sport nutrition with vegetarian protein powder and creatine with snacks and dumbbell on concrete background top view flat lay

(2) What to eat during exercise

Drinking water during exercise can help to cool down your body and avoid dehydration. Generally, water is enough. But, if you are working out over an hour during hot and humid weather. Sport drinks are a good choice after sweating. For high-intensity or endurance exercises over an hour, you can eat a low-fat granola bar or a medium apple to supplement the muscle glycogen.

Dairy products, milk, cheese, egg, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and butter on blue background still life

(3) What to eat after exercise

Consuming protein like hard-boiled eggs, milk and meat within three hours after exercising is good for muscle growth and recovery. Rehydrate your body is important post-workout. Consume enough fluids to replace the loss. Drinking watermelon juice and cherry juice after exercise can also relieve muscle pain and soreness.


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