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Having a well-stocked first aid kit in case of emergency is a necessity for every home.  While you can buy one in the store, it is actually quite easy to create your own first aid kit to best suit your needs!


Select a suitable container

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Choose either a first aid box or a first aid bag.  Make sure it has enough capacity to accommodate all the medicine. Select a waterproof and clear container so it stays dry and provides visibility. This way you won’t need to scramble to find things.  


Organise your items into two types

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One type contains basic first aid items such as adhesive bandages, roller bandages and external medications. The other type contains important home medications, such as cold medicine, anti-inflammatory painkillers, antipyretic and gastrointestinal medications. The key is to separate the external medications from those for internal use, for example, iodine and cough syrup. You don’t want to take the wrong medication by mistake.


Store your first aid kit

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Always put your first aid kit in a place easily accessible for you but out of children’s reach.


Inspect regularly

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Inspect the expiration date of the drugs regularly, and replenish supplies when needed.

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The first aid kit is used to treat relatively mild conditions. If your symptoms have not improved after taking the initial medication, you must consult a doctor immediately. Better be safe than sorry and it goes without saying— always seek early treatment while you can!  







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