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Read this article, and treat it as a gentle reminder for you to love and embrace your body, and as well as others’.

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We should all stop shaming others because of their bodies

No matter if it is verbal, direct psychical abuse, or a mere judging eye, they are all still considered wrong.


There is enough hate in this world, let’s not create more of it.

Be the intelligent and wise one to realize that everybody is different in his or her unique way.

Everybody has their own story, and it is not up to you, or them, to judge.

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Your body is amazing in its own way!

Always remember that you are you, and they can mind their own business.

You are amazing and talented and gorgeous!

Your soul is beautiful in its own way, and you should know better to love it more than anybody else.

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Learn to love and appreciate your beautiful body!

If you do not appreciate and love your body, then who will?

You should be the one to love your body the most!

Forget about the stretch marks and scars! They are beautiful and normal.

Nobody should be ashamed of the beautiful marks on their body. Nobody!




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