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Father’s day is coming very soon, please bookmark 16th June 2019 on your calendar in case you are too busy to remember! Comparing with our moms, dads tend to hide their emotion feeling, nine out of ten will not answer you what they want for Father’s gift. You have bought typical men’s personal care products, such as electric razor, electric toothbrush, smartwatch and etc. So, why not buy him a remarkable experience that joy will last longer. Keep reading down some amazing dad things to do on Father’s day.

1. Mini Golf

Some dads are good golf players, it is no point to challenge his golf skill when you know nothing about it. Why not twist the idea a little bit? Let’s invite your dad to play a round of mini golf. When it comes to mini golf, there are plenty of challenges like 360 – degree loop to loops, ball jumps, bridges and tunnels throughout the course. it will be fun when a golf- pro play a round of golf in the next level. Most of the mini golf clubs are indoor, your dad and you can enjoy some refreshment after a few swings. It will be a fun and enjoyable experience for your dad and you!


2. Embrace with the Nature

Some of our dads once were little boys who like going on different adventures in nature until they need to take care of both their family and career. Why not let your dad pick up his old habits on this special day? It will be an amazing surprise if you plan a trip that allows you or your whole family to explore the beautiful landscape together!

Father and son on the top of the hill

3. Dad’s SPA time

Does your dad always complain he is tired after work? It’s time to pamper your dad with a SPA to express your reward his hard work! A good session of SPA not only allows your dad to wash off his stress, but it also helps him to have a deep muscle relief. For sure, your dad will appreciate this heartfelt reward and feel recharge!

Man is relaxing massaging in day spa with herbal press

4. Catch a game together

Your dad may not play any sport, but he is always to wake up in the mid-night just to support his favourite team. So, why not catch a game with your dad together? Apart from just being presence, you can prepare his favourite snacks and drinks before the game start. In order to understand your dad better, you can ask your dad why he likes this team (during the game’s time-off). Your dad will definitely enjoy this precious interactive moment with you!

popcorn and remote control on sofa with a TV broadcasting basketball match on background


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