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Although the combination of “black and white” is simple, it is often the inevitable choice for girls. In addition to clothing and accessories, have you ever thought about bringing black and white to your Dream House? Here are some “black and white” home design proposals, I believe that girls who like black and white will love it!


Living room

Living room is an important resting and entertaining space in home. The black and white colour can create a simple and clean style which is fashionable and modern! If you think that wall in white looks too monotonous, you can choose to hang up frames of different sizes to add a layering. Although the furniture such as hair combs and coffee tables are mainly black and white, you can also decorate them with patterns such as stripes and polka dots, which can add some vitality to your home.

0920 pic_1_0


The bedroom is the place that best shows your style. You can paint the wall in black to create an elegant feeling, but it is best to put a a painting on the wall to avoid feeling too cold. You can even put a small plate of plants next to the bed to add a fresh, rustic feel.

0920 pic_3_0

The all-white wall also has a dreamy and beautiful temperament. It should be a style that many girls like it, but adding some black decoration can enhance the layering of the room. Ball string lights is a good choice, and they feel extra romantic after lighting up at night.

0920 pic_2_0

Study Room

The black and white design of study room can reduce the interference and let you focus on your business. You can choose a desk with drawers to accommodate your stationery. The front of the desk can be a small shelf or a grid of iron mesh, with some small ornaments to make every corner more useful.

0920 pic_4_0


This white tiled wall is matched with the black and white geometric pattern on the floor, which is extremely textured! Girls who like to soak in the bath can choose a simple bathtub. In the bathroom, you can also take some care to increase the storage space, nail the small row of racks to place the bathroom supplies, and leave the rest of the space to place the decoration!

0920 pic_6

0920 pic_5_0

Has the above small home proposal stimulated your design inspiration? Make good use of these ideas to create your own little world.








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