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If you are reading this article, you must be the one who love nail art. Are you looking for some pretty designs for Easter? Then you are in the right place. We are here to provide you some ideas from adorable bunnies, to stylish pastels and more. Let’s get the Easter nails to look stylish and fun for the special day.


Easter Pastel Nails

0330 pic_1

Easter is in Spring and during this fresh new season pastel colours are must-haves. You can wear these beautiful soft shades on your nails. This next idea features a different pastel shade on each nail. We love the use of different tones as it gives the manicure a trendy look. If you wanted a subtler design, you could use one colour.


Yellow Chick Nails

0330 pic_2

Our next nail idea features the most adorable Easter chick! We think the chick is super cute because it looks like it has just hatched.


Polka Dots and Easter Bunny Nails

0330 pic_3

Nothing is cuter than polka dots and bunnies for Easter. These Easter nails use a blue with white polka dots. There is also a white bunny accent nail. For this you could recreate the whole look or maybe just have the polka dots or bunny. Either one would look great for spring.




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