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In case of a lockdown or self-quarantine, here are a list of supplies that you might need for 2 weeks to up to 1 month. We are going to share with you how to buy sensibly but not stockpiling.

Grocery list: What to buy to during lockdown

For your pantry:

2 weeks’ worth of non-perishable & shelf-stable food.



– Beans

– Canned tuna & salmon

– Frozen pork, chicken, shrimps

– Shelf-stable milk


Grain products:

– Rice

– Rolled oats

– Noodles

– Pasta

– Bread

– Breakfast cereals


Long-lasting vegetables:


– Carrots

– Garlic

– Onions

– Potatoes

– Pumpkins

– Celery


Fruits & snacks:

– Long-lasting fresh fruits, e.g. apples, oranges, lemon, pomegranates

Dried & frozen canned fruits

– Nuts

– Chocolate & sweets

– Granola bars

Grocery list: What to buy to during lockdown


– Toothbrushes

– Shampoos

– Hair conditioners

– Soaps

– Sanitary products

– Blazers

– Shaving cream

– Hand sanitizers (over 60% alcohol)

Cleaning supplies:

– Laundry detergent

– Surface cleaner

– Bleach

– Bathroom cleaner

– Disinfecting wipes

– Disinfectant

– Toilet bowl cleaner

Grocery list: What to buy to during lockdown

Medical Supplies

– Prescription drugs (2 weeks to a month’s worth)

– Over-the-counter drugs (pain relievers, fever reducers, stomach remedies, cold medicines)

– First-aid kit (disposable gloves, normal saline, triangular bandage, safety pin, band aid, sterile gauze pads (5cm x 5cm), sterile gauze pads (7.5cm x 7.5cm), sterile eye pads, elastic bandage (5cm), elastic bandage (7.5cm), micropore (1.25cm), torch, alcohol pad, scissors, dressing forceps, whistle with compass, instant cold pack, rescue blanket)

Face masks to wear if you are coughing or sneezing, or have to take care of someone with suspected infection

For your pets

– Pet foods

– Crate (in case of relocation)

– Litter

– Medical supplies


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