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Face masks have become one of the most important foundations for having any good skincare routine. No matter what skin problems you have, a face mask can relieve your stress and help you out. If you find some visible signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and even dullness, don’t panic! Here are the best anti aging face masks for you!

Leaders Clinic Regeneration Mask

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I feel surprised when I open the mask. It has lots of serum! It is super-hydrating and pretty thick that leaves my skin soft and plump well for days. I could even put it on my face for 40 mins and it is still not fully dry.

I use it after cleaning. The mask contains snail secretion filtrate extract that my skin looks brighter and smoother after applying the mask. And I can also feel my skin refreshed, deeply hydrated and glowing. In addition, the mask is very thin which perfectly fits your face. I highly recommend this mask to anyone who has many skin problems for a long day. This mask can tackle your problem for sure.

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Watsons Rejuvenating HA Mask with Collagen

0331 pic2
0331 pic2a

When I got this product, I’m so excited to try it as Watsons’ collagen products are always famous to nourish the skin deeply. The texture of this mask is liquid. And the smell is very light that can make you feel relax during your metime.

After 20 minutes, when I took off the mask, my skin feels smooth and plump up. The mask has not only instantly hydrated my skin, but also help to refine and improve my skin’s elasticity after using it for three weeks.


0331 pic2b


0331 pic2c

Lululun Face Mask Acerola 7 Days

0331 pic3

The mask attracts me a lot, as it contains a very special ingredient – Acerola. It has very high vitamin C content that gives a big boost in the production of collagen to prevent wrinkles. And I really love the packaging idea that has seven masks in a bag that give an environmentally-friendly choice to the consumers to help the environment.

After using the first sheet mask, I think it is super good that I can clearly see my face looks shiny and clean. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. I feel so refreshed and moisturised that will recommend to my friends and all of you to use it.

0331 pic3a
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Dry skin type, crazy about facial mask.

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