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People may think that acne is the biggest enemy to your face. However, one thing which may stay on your face for several months is more horrible. That is MILIUM! How to get rid of milium? Come and follow the tips here now!

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What is Milium?

A milium, also called milk spots or an oil seed. It is due to the stuck of sebaceous gland. Yellow and white fine granular exist. They are usually found around the eyes as most people will use high moisturizing eyes cream. Other than eyes, milia can also be found around the nose.


Causes of Milium

Skin care is a woman’s life career, but the biggest culprit of milium turned out to be having too much skin care. When your skin cannot absorb too much nutrients from skin care products, the oil will stay in the epidermis and form the oil seed. Not only because of having too much skin care, the lack of cleanliness is another reason for having milium.  Many people may treat makeup removal as their cleansing product, but in fact the most basic cleansing procedures should separate makeup remover and cleansing products. After removing your makeup, you need to wash your face with separate cleansing product to ensure that the skin completely clean.


How to Prevent Milium


1. Keep your skin clean

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The basic steps to have deep clean on your skin is to wash your face 2 times a day, in the morning and at the night. Cleansing products with light gourd ingredients can help to soften the dead skin and smooth pores, but they must be used continuously to improve skin problems. High moisturizing cleansing products, like cleansing milk is not applicable in hot summer. Even if you have oily skin, it is not necessary to increase the times for washing your face, otherwise it will dry your skin, and finally more oil will be produced.


2. Avoid using high moisturizing cleansing products

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Not only high moisturizing cleansing products will lead to oil seeds, cosmetics containing silicon will block the normal secretion of sebum, triggering milium. It is suggested to use water-based skin care products and try to prevent heavy makeup which may lead to milk spots in summer.


3. Avoid eating high sugar foods

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High sugar food such as chocolate, white rice, soft drinks, pastries, etc. will increase the chance of having milk spots; food with high sugar index is the culprit of causing milium. These foods lead to quick secretion of insulin and male hormones in the body. Therefore, avoid eating fatty food can prevent milium. Try to maintain a light and healthy eating habits, eat more fruits and vegetables for your body detoxification.


4. Pay attention to water and oil balance

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Pay attention on oil and water balance can help to avoid oil seeds. Dry skin will promote excessive secretion of oil to moisturize the skin, make sebum, dirt, toxins secretions deposited in the skin, and cannot be discharged through the pores, resulting in acne and dark particles.


5. Regular exfoliation

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Regular exfoliation can make pores open and prevent the emergence of milium. It is recommended to use skin care products such as AHA / BHA, salicylic acid / acid composition to help improve the keratinization and penetrate the pores. Exfoliating skin care cannot be frequent, otherwise it will damage the sebum film, and the skin immunity will decrease.  It is recommended to have exfoliation once a week.






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