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One thing that virtually all girls who have a tummy or fat arm have in common is that feeling of insecurity and finding it extremely difficult to step out in a bikini especially at the pool or beach where almost everyone seems to be walking around with unbelievably flat and perfectly toned abs. And it kind be a struggle to find swimsuits that you actually feel comfortable talk more of even feeling sexy which is why this post shows you some swim suits that will actually help to disguise your weaknesses.



0623 pic_1_0

Thank goodness high waisted swimsuits came back in style! The higher waist helps to support a belly pooch you want to hide.


All Black

0623 pic_2_0

Of course, all black works for bathing suits as well! Black is slimming for all body types and is great for looking slimmer on the beach.


Off the Shoulder

0623 pic_3

Off-the-shoulder design hide the upper-arm with charm and create the illusion of a more square shoulder; a square shoulder makes the arm appear slimmer than a round shoulder.


High Neckline

0623 pic_4_0

High necklines can be tricky for those with a large bust, but are worth a try as some can truly flatter the upper body.


Long Sleeve

0623 pic_5

Make flabby arms look more toned in long sleeve swimwear.



Less is more_Cozy Minimalist Home


Never Cry Over A Broken Nail Again

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