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Are you guys doing healthy?! I hope so!


I have been wearing mask since the coronavirus went viral from the end of January. Medical masks are really in need these days, I cannot breathe whenever with it, not to mention my skin is getting dull and more sensitive because of the desire for the air.   


You know what, just take a break, some relaxing time, even it’s only 20 minutes. Let’s chill out, only you and your eyes with the scented eye mask. But not just relaxing, the special steam in the eye mask which contains the famous ‘Onyang’ hot spring water in Korea. The ‘Onyang water’ is full of minerals that soothes, exclusive to Korean royal family from time to time.


So, there’s no harm to be self-isolated for a moment, you definitely want the noble-like treatment and I promise you they smell amazingly great!


Use it after work, during the flight, being hopeless because of Insomnia, having a real intensive fight with family, looking for inner peace and beauty, or just longing for moisture of eyes. See my recommendation!

My favourite scent with limitless imaginations: Silent Night Air


No kidding, the name fully describes the scent. It is so soft, like an invisible trace in the summer night air, you can guess that is from the fabric softener next door, somebody just hangs the washed clean clothes. Also a bit chilling, a clear scent that you recognize from the late winter, you take a deep breath after a party. The world is sleeping for now, but soon to wake up.

Pure queen for all the good little things: Camomile Crown


Meet the little camomile, smelling good and looking good, you will think of all the good things you’ve got in the days, months and years. In search of memory with Camomile Crown, the cinema of mind is replaying your first date, the impulse, the breakfast he prepared, the smile in the past, the games you won, the hug from parents, you name it. Again, the Purest happiness for the first time in forever pops up in front of your eyes. 

Summer flower pool in Provence: Lavender Blue Water


Ohlàlà! Dreaming for a vacation in Provence? Here is your quick solution. Feel the ocean of flower! Just put on the steam goggle, imagine you are swimming in the lavender sea, inhale up, exhale down. You feel the waterdrops in the morning. With the nurture from the nature, you grow like a flower after a good sleep with the floral scent.


Go away exhaustion! I have the power from god and STEAMBASE on my side!


But remember, no matter how tired you are, don’t rub your eyes like me! You will easily get infected if there are germs or anything dirty with you.


Stay mentally and physically healthy! 

Sweet dreams everyone, see you in next blog!


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