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Today we would like to take you guys to know about packaging made from OBP plastic or Ocean Bound Plastic, which is plastic packaging made from plastic that is left overgrown 50 kilometers along the shoreline of seas and oceans in Asia. These plastics are at high risk of being washed into the sea and causing marine pollution. Reusing these plastics as raw materials for producing packaging is one way to reduce the amount of plastic waste and help preserve the marine environment at the same time.

Origin of the name “Ocean Bound Plastic”

The term “Ocean Bound” refers to plastic that is discarded or left within 50 kilometers of coastal areas connecting seas and oceans. These plastics are at high risk of eventually being washed into the sea. This may cause pollution and severely affect the marine ecosystem.

Situation of plastic waste in Asia’s oceans

Asia is the largest source of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. It accounts for up to 60 percent of plastic waste that enters the ocean. Most ocean plastic pollution comes from developing countries in Southeast and South Asia that have inadequate waste management systems. together with the behavior of throwing garbage in coastal areas

Examples of damage from plastic waste in the ocean include many marine animals ingesting it without knowing. This can lead to injury and death. Small plastics or microplastics enter the food chain of marine life. Humans are exposed to chemicals from those plastics when consuming marine animals. Or how plastic waste destroys the view of a tourist beach. Affecting the tourism economy

When you know this already. Reusing discarded plastic on these shores It will also reduce the risk that the marine ecosystem will be harmed.


Methods and steps for producing Ocean Bound Plastic packaging.

  1. Collect and separate plastic waste such as PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP.
  2. Sorted plastic will be washed and thoroughly removed of all impurities. Then it will be crushed into small sizes.
  3. The crushed plastic pellets will be fused together according to the type of plastic pellets. It is then formed into a film or undergoes another extrusion process. According to the desired type of packaging, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, packaging boxes, etc.

Benefits of using Ocean Bound Plastics

  • Helps reduce the amount of plastic waste that is likely to be blown into the ocean. which is the main cause of water pollution problems.
  • It is the recycling of resources for new use. Reduce dependency on plastic from new raw materials.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the plastic production process into the atmosphere.
  • Reduces the cost of disposing of plastic waste that must be sent to landfill or incinerated.
  • Create income and jobs for communities that participate in collecting plastic waste.

New Naturals by Watsons Algae Deep Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, hair care products that focus on environmental friendliness. Its main ingredients are high quality certified organic seaweed grown and harvested in Portugal. The product formula contains up to 94% natural ingredients, helping to replenish water and deeply moisturize your hair. In addition, the product uses 100% OBP plastic packaging, helping to care for the coastal environment. It does not use a spring-loaded pump cap which is not recyclable. But choose to use the disc cap type. When used, just peel off the label and the packaging can be recycled again. Nature lovers who want to try. See you at every Watsons store. and Watsons online

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