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Time to prepare your skin for fall, and great face masks are the kind of thing that you can’t have enough while the dry weather starts upsetting your skin during fall. You wouldn’t realize the drop in humidity until your skin starts cracking. But then it would be too late!


Don’t worry, we have got you covered with these LEADERS Ceramide Moisturizing & Cica Calming Mask. Read on to see why these masks could be your skin’s savior this fall.

LEADERS Ceramide Moisturizing Mask

The mask provides hydrating moisture care by supplying rich moisture to skin that is rough from dehydration with ceramide extracted from peach flower. The mask sheet is made of gel and Lyocell, fitting perfectly over my face and staying in place while I am working on something else. It’s thin, light and comfortable to use.


I am impressed by how much essence the mask contains and how quickly they get absorbed into my skin. You may still find some remaining essence after the mask is left on your face for 10-20 minutes. Gently pat your face to massage the essence into your skin if that’s the case. (I also apply the leftover essence in the package on my neck, elbows, knees, and legs!)


The hydration level of my got boosted from 39% to 50% and oil level reduced from 31% to 16%. My face is supple, glowing and plump after using the mask. You will be surprised to find out what hydration can do to your skin.






LEADERS Cica Calming Mask

While completed skin safety test, this soothing mask calms skin that is irritated by external environments. It contains cicaton complex that is excellent in soothing skin that has become sensitive due to external irritants. The mask is also infused with Centella Asiatica extract which possesses superior effects to alleviate irritated skin.


The cellulose mask sheet adheres fully and feeds your skin with goodness all along. My skin felt a little tight and itchy after staying in an air-conditioned room a whole day. It was a soothing to put on the mask and let the essence penetrate into my skin. It boosted my skin’s barrier and instantly relieved the itchiness and dryness, leaving my skin soft and refreshed.





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