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You’ve probably noticed gradient lip color has become the statement lips of K-pop star these days, and there’s no surprise that it’s making its way around the world. This trendy lip gives you the soft and alluring look without too much of work; it also makes you look young, pretty, and innocent. If BB creams, sheet masks, and essences are any indication, this Eastern take on lip ombré is bound to pick up steam. Let us show you how to create a gradient lip:

1111 pic_1_0

First of all, prep your lip with a small amount of hydrating balm, then dab off any excess with a blotting sheet or one ply of tissue. Next, lightly tap concealer all over lips, you can try a creamy formula that isn’t too rich, so the color won’t be sliding around, then blot again to remove any excess oil.

 1111 pic_2_0

After putting on concealer, you can start coloring your lip with lipstick pencil. The benefit of using lipstick pencil is that it offers precise application. You can run the color along inner rim of your lips on top and bottom. Focus on the center of your lips, but don’t surpass the length of four teeth.

 1111 pic_3_0

Then use the soft, silicone smudger end of the pencil or your fingertip to blur the pigment out toward the corners of your mouth. The key is to blend the lipstick horizontally rather than vertically so that it doesn’t reach the top and bottom edges of your lips. To create a soft looking lip, you need to keep in mind that the color should be brightest in the center but diffuse close to the edges.

 1111 pic_4_0

After blending the colour, blot your lips again to remove any excessive oil, blotting can also keep the colour in place. And now, a sweet and K-pop star look is achieved. 

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