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Would you call yourself a skincare junkie?  Here are the four types of skincare junkies.  Read on to find out which type you are now…

#1 Clean beauty junkie

You are what you eat—but also, what you put on your skin. You think of ingredient labels as you think of food labels.  Paying extra attention to product labels is vital to make sure the products are mindfully created and formulated only with safe, non-toxic ingredients.  Not only that, you care about the outside of the products as much as the inside: the more minimal, sustainable the packaging, the better.

#2 K-beauty enthusiast

A firm believer of K-beauty. When it comes to skincare, “the more, the better” as Korean skincare is all about the art of layering. Whether you employ the full 10-steps a day or not, make sure you always remember to hydrate, exfoliate and never skip sun protection for a youthful complexion.


#3 The scientist

Nothing brings you more joy then rummaging through the latest articles, journals and beauty industry magazines in pursuit of understanding all things skin and the science of beauty. You only believe in Derma skincare products formulated to restore skin health, combining dermatology and skincare technology.

#4 The experimentalist

Anyone who literally tries something new every week, from serums to masks, eye creams to sunscreens. You love testing out different formulas and finding what really gives them results. Why stick to one skincare routine when there are so many fantastic ones to try? There’s no harm in trying new products as long as you’re using products that don’t irritate your skin.


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