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People who can sleep on flights can help you arrive refreshed and be ready to explore a new country and culture. For those who can’t, can only sit and be jealous of them on plane? Here you go the tips to help you fall asleep on plane.

Bring the right sleep accessories

A good sleeping mask and earplugs are necessary to fall asleep on a plane, since it can block out light and be a noise-cancelling on flights. Black mask with soft materials is preferred to create a comfortable environment for you to sleep on flights.

Young woman having nap in a plane.

Comfortable clothes

Decent wearing may make you feel uncomfortable and have difficult to falls asleep on a plane. Instead, change it into comfortable and warm clothes to inspire sleepiness. Some oversized hoodie and loosing pants are suggested to wear boarding.

Woman reading magazine and drinking coffeeon airplane. Female traveler reading seated in passanger cabin. Sun shining trough airplane window.

Avoid screens

No matter it is TV, laptop or smartphone screens, it is not a good idea to look at it before you sleep on flights. The light from the device will keep your brain awake, even damage your eyes. Try to stay away from all screens before you fall asleep. Listen to relaxing music instead can help you sleep on flights faster.

A teenage boy pressing the touchscreen on an aircraft backrest to choose films on a long haul flight.

Choose a right seat

After buying a ticket, you should check-in online as soon as possible to choose your flight seat. A right seat can help you fall asleep on the plane. The best opinion for an economy seat is a window seat and do not close to the toilets one. You are able to lean against and won’t disturb by others when they need to go to toilets. You will have a better chance to have a nice dream on plane with a window seat.

travel and vacation concept, woman sleeping on her chair in the airplane.holding her eyes closed.

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