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Deciding a perfect makeup when you’re a wedding guest can be quite challenging. You want to make sure you look good in any photos but may not want to have bold makeup that will outshine the bride. Here are the makeup ideas to enhance and radiate your natural beauty in a wedding party.


It may not be the place to wear a red lip to stand out on your friend’s wedding. But it doesn’t mean you need to forgo lip color altogether. It is suggested to use a soft peach lipstick to extend your friend’s wedding. Such lips can give you a plumped look with some shine.

Close-up image of woman applying light peach lip balm to keep lips moisturized


We know that you are a winged-eyeliner expert. But showing off your dramatic winged eyeliner skills in your family friend’s wedding maybe not appropriate. You can save your skill for another night. You can use the pencil eyeliner to tightline your eyes. The “invisible” eyeliner technique is perfect for a wedding guest that you may not want your eyeliner to be too obvious.

young woman applied eyeliner

Glowing skin

Every woman desires picture perfect — glowing skin, not just when you’re at a wedding! once the wedding photos come out, you will find out it is a wise decision to wear glow factor in your makeup. You can wear a foundation with long-lasting formula to give you a dewy finish.

Beautiful asian woman standing outdoors with friends sitting in background having food. Woman with a drinks at outdoor party.

Flushed cheeks

Blush should be an essential in your makeup bag when you are a wedding guest. The right blush can add the perfect amount of flush and create a warm makeup look. Choose a rosy colour to apply to your can even make you look gorgeous and cheerful

Beautiful woman face powders, and apply blush to the cheekbones


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