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Only used your concealer to hide under-eye circles. Actually it functions more than you expected. It can also highlights, smooths, sculpts and ideals your makeup. After reading this article, you may consider it as your best friend and be a Must-have item in your makeup bag.


Worry about your eye shadow creasing, you should prime your eyelids with concealer first. It can create a canvas for your shadow to make eyeshadow last longer.

Eye shadows. Gorgeous good-looking woman using her eye shadows while holding little face brush in her hand

Winged eyeshadow and eyeliner

In case you don’t have a very steady hand to create a cat eye with an eyeliner, concealer can clean up the edges. Dab the line with a concealer at the edge of your eyeliner and eyeshadow and blend it. The edge of your eyeliner and eyeshadow make you look clean and professional.

Studio close-up beauty portrait of sensual woman. Professional make-up. High-end retouch.


Apply a light amount of concealer on lip before swiping your favourite lipstick, it can neutralize your lip and make your lip colour stronger.

Make-up professional applying lipstick

Outline your lips

If you want to highlight your lips and make your lipstick stand out, you can outline your lips with concealer. Make sure to blend it well with a brush to perfect your makeup.

Green-eyed woman. Green-eyed appealing woman holding little face brush in her hand while getting ready for party


First, you should find a concealer darker than your skin tone, then trace along cheeks, forehead and chin to highlight and lift the bone structure. Blend using your fingertips and polish with a powder brush to intensify the natural contouring.

Contouring. Contour and highlight makeup.

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