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Everyone knows how to run. However, do you know how to run properly? You will easily get hurt if your running postures are not proper. It may cause muscle strain and joint pain. How to avoid injury during exercising? Let’s pay attention to the following 4 running common mistakes.

Back view of fit young woman restign after workout, stretching her arms. Studio shot, grey background.

Mistake #1: No warm up before running

Many runners overlook the importance of warming up before exercising. They misunderstand that warm up is time-consuming and not essential. In fact, a proper warm up is incredibly important. Just spend 5-10 minutes for jogging and stretching your body. Then, your muscles and joints are ready for running to reduce the risk of injury. 

Female legs in a motion running on a road.

Mistakes #2: Landing toes or forefoot first

If your running form is landing your toes or forefoot first, it will cause stress and strain on your knees. Proper running posture is landing mid-sole or heel first and then roll through to the front of your toes to create a buffer and avoid injury.

Young woman with fit body jumping and running against grey background. Female model in sportswear exercising outdoors.

Mistake #3: Overstriding

If your running form is overstriding, you will consume more energy due to your stride is high to the ground. Your legs will absorb a greater shock when landing. Correct posture is to take short and light steps to reduce the stress on your feet.

1127 pic_4

Mistake #4: Swing your arms wrongly

Some runners tend to swing their arms side-to-side or hold their hands up to the chest level. But, you will get more tired after running. Your shoulders and neck will be tight. You should relax your shoulders, bent your arms at a 90-degree angle and keep your hands at the waist level. Just slightly brush your hip when you are running.


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