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A party lover’s go-to piece of kit, false eyelashes have got a bit of a glamorous reputation. Discover three different looks using false lashes and get set to flutter your way through any occasion – from important meetings at work to date night and beyond.

Natural Eyelashes

If you’re looking for a daytime look that adds a bit more definition than using mascara, this natural finish is for you.

Step 1 – Coat lashes with mascara

Take your favourite mascara wand and coat your lashes evenly. This will step allows your lashes to stick to the false lashes easily so will make your application easier to achieve.


Step 2 – Apply lashes

For a daytime-appropriate look the trick is to pick a pair of lashes that will add definition subtly – so always go for lashes that mimic the natural spacing of your lashes.


Coat the lash line with glue, leave for 30 seconds to dry before lining up with your upper lash line. You can use tweezers to line this up or gently press with your fingertips. Give your natural lashes a pinch to secure to your falsies.

Individual Lashes

Create a bespoke set of lashes without leaving the house by mastering the art of applying individual strands.

Beautiful young woman eyelash extension

Step 1 – Curl lashes

Use an eyelash curler to give your natural lashes a little lift. Pump the lashes gently from root to tip.


Step 2 – Insert lashes


Individual lashes can be tricky to position into place so use your trusty tweezers to your advantage. Coat each lash line with glue and secure to the outer corners of your lashes as this will create a flattering feline look. Once this has dried, layer up another set until both eyes are even and flutter-ready.


To make your individual lashes appear as natural as possible, finish with a coating of mascara to disguise the falsies.


Winged Eyelashes

Live by the rule ‘go bold or go home’? Then this winged look brings the drama and will be the perfect finishing touch to your killer LBD.

horizontal shot of woman with blue eyes looking up, false eyelashes on it.

Step 1 – Start with mascara

Lightly coat lashes with mascara to help with the sticking power. Don’t do a full application as the winged lashes are a little heavier than the natural set.


Step 2 – Check length & secure

The biggest false lash faux pas is when it drops to the edges and this is usually because the lashes are not the right length. So before you even think about picking up the glue, measure these lashes against your natural upper lash line and trim if there is any overhang. Once they are the perfect size secure into place, using tweezers to help position.


Step 3 – Feline fabulous

To accentuate the cat eye look, add a flick of liquid eyeliner – the purr-fect finishing touch!


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