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Concealer is an essential item for covering the blemishes. Taking time to choose the right concealer for your skin is not enough to prep your skin. How to apply the concealer properly is also the key. Here are common mistakes that we should avoid.

Mistakes #1: Applying it with fingers

You must have heard that applying concealer with fingers can help smoothen the texture and application. However, this is not the best option since the makeup remnants from the other products may leave in fingers and create a shadow over your concealer as a result. It is suggested to use a flat brush with a fine tip to apply your concealer for a flawless application.

face care of young woman

Mistake #2: application sequence

There is a common question about whether we should apply the concealer before or after foundation. The answer is – it depends on what results you want to get. If it is used to hide dark circles, it is suggested to apply before foundation. If you want to cover blemishes or spots, concealer should be used after foundation.

Multi colored makeup products

Mistake #3: incorrect colour

Choosing an incorrect colour tone of concealer may result in a too pale shade of concealer that is not suitable for your skin tone. For the dark circle, it is recommended to choose a half-tone lighter concealer than your skin tone to brighten up your look.

Beauty Woman Face Makeup. Closeup Of Beautiful Young Female Applying Corrector On Skin Under Eyes. Portrait Of Attractive Sexy Girl With Soft Skin Applying Concealer. Cosmetics. High Resolution

Mistake #4: skipping primer

Perfect makeup comes with a perfect base. Primer works as a base that makes the colours of your eyeshadow or lipsticks pop. And it helps your concealer and makeup last throughout the day. Therefore, make sure that you have applied your primer before concealer to create flawless makeup.

Attractive young woman applying foundation with sponge

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