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The idea of a flawless foundation may come from your friends’ suggestion, but is it the right one for you? No doubt that every makeup and skincare product works for someone but may not be right for you due to the skin type. Here are tips about choosing the right foundation.

#1 understand your skin type & Choose the right texture

This is the most important and very first step to help choose your perfect foundation formula. Your skin’s needs will affect the formula you pick. For example:

For oily & combination skin: Powder foundation can absorb oil and keep shininess away from your skin. Stick foundation is also perfect for oily to combination skin as it stays put once set.

For dry & sensitive skin: Using moisture and cream foundation can create weightless makeup. Cushion foundation is also a great option for dry skin as it is in fact a liquid foundation soaked in a sponge, which would give your skin a natural dewy finish.

#2 Match your shade

The next thing is to match your skin tone. The colour of the foundation doesn’t have to an exact match, it should be slightly lighter than your skin colour as the foundation will shift throughout the day. If you try out in a drugstore, step outsides and check it out in natural light. It is also suggested to mix two different colors to match your shade perfectly. And bear in mind that you may need different shades for summer and winter, since your skin should be naturally lighter due to the sunlight.


#3 Light, Medium or heavy?

When you choose a perfect foundation, coverage is one of your considerations. If you don’t like wearing too much makeup, the foundation with light to medium -coverage will be your choice. Also, the choice may be seasonal as well. You may choose lighter coverage in summer and creamier coverage in the drier and colder months.

#4 Try!

Not every makeup product you should try before you buy. But for the foundation, you can’t judge its color or texture by its bottle. You should match it with your shade and try on your jawline to make your buying decision.

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