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We’re busy and lazy that feel like not enough time in a day. Want to look good, but refuse to wake up early to get a full makeup? Get these tips that will not only make you look good and feel fresh, but also finish in pretty much no time at all. Read on to find out the easy hacks you should know.

Skip foundation, Apply concealer

We know that after your toner and moisturizer, you will find it time consuming to apply a full-face foundation. In fact, you can just hide blemishes with a concealer stick that only takes you two seconds to create flawless-looking skin. You can find a concealer stick that match with your skin tone.

Beauty Face. Closeup Of Sexy Young Woman With Concealer Brush And Mirror In Hands. Portrait Of Beautiful Healthy Female Model Applying Concealer Under Eyes. Skin Cosmetics. High Resolution

Use lipstick to color your lips, cheeks, and eyes

You look tired every morning but want to fake 8 hours of sleep even though you didn’t? Here is the easy hack – swipe one-product stick along your cheekbone, eyelids and lips. Take a peach blush and simply sweep it over your cheek, lids and lips and blend it. Just one product can make your look alive instantly. And you are a real human that take on the day.

Young beautiful woman professional beauty vlogger or blogger applying lipstick cream to her mouth, doing cosmetic makeup tutorial

Reverse Contour

The quick way to highlight your face is to make a “3”. You just need to draw a big “3” with a concealer lighter than your skin tone at the point above your brow, cheekbone and jawbone to contour your face. Then, you can draw a backwards “3” like the shape of an “E” with a concealer darker than your skin tone at the same point but reverse like an “E”. and you will find yourself already like a pro at contouring.

Woman with a brush for make-up

Dry shampoo

You don’t want to wake up early for a wash, but your hair is dirty, oily and flat. Dry shampoo must be your savior. Just lift your hair up and spray your roots with the dry shampoo, then use your fingers to comb hair. Your hair will be more voluminous instantly.

Beautiful young girl applying hair spray on her hair, choosing a new hairstyle, looking seriously at the mirror, home bathroom interior. Beauty concept photo, lifestyle


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