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People with acne-prone skin apply makeup to cover up all blemishes, neutralize the redness of bumps and reduce the shininess of face. However, apply too many layers of foundation and concealer will make your breakouts more obvious. Here are some makeup tips for acne-prone skin.

Close up of a young woman applying moisturizer to her face. Asian woman looking happy while following skincare regime.

(1) Oil-free primer

Remember to apply makeup after cleansing your acne-prone skin. Use an oil-free primer can keep your skin shine-free all day long. A primer helps to smooth your skin and absorb excess oil on your face. The pores will look smaller. Also, you can apply the makeup evenly over the bumps.

Close-up of flat makeup brush with liquid foundation tube isolated on white

(2) Acne-fighting foundation

Choose a lightweight and high-coverage liquid foundation with acne-fighting formula. Foundations containing ingredients like salicylic acid can cover the blemishes well and help to prevent breakouts in the long term. Liquid foundation with a matte finish can avoid the greasy face. Don’t apply too many layers of foundation. It will make your makeup cakey and worsen the problematic skin areas.

Smeared color samples on white

(3) Creamy colour corrector/ concealer

Creamy texture colour correctors or concealer can cover the blemishes perfectly and avoid flaky skin. Simply use a beauty sponge to tap and blend some green colour corrector on acne-prone skin can cover the acne and reduce redness. Peach, tangerine or deep orange shades of concealers are good for eliminating acne scars.

Jars filled with loose cosmetic powder and compact cosmetic powder different shades with makeup brushes on blue background. Focus on central brush

(4) Matte setting powder

The last step is applying loose setting powder to hold your makeup much longer. Matte and translucent loose setting powder will not make your makeup too thick and shiny. You can bring along some oil blotting papers in your makeup bag instead to absorb excess oils on your face throughout the day.


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