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Cleansing your skin frequently is the only solution for oily skin? No, you are wrong! It is important to know that there are 5 important steps in a skincare routine to battle oily skin, from preventing acne, firming skin to oil control. As long as you purchase the right skincare and makeup products, you will own beautiful and smooth skin without hustle!

The skincare routine guide

Face wash for oily skin

Toner for oily skin

Moisturizer for oily skin

#Rule 1 – Choose the right product for your skin

The latest skincare products may be very tempting to you; yet, the skincare products are formulated for specific skin types. If you apply skincare products formulated for dry skin, you will never see improvement for your skin. Take moisturizer as an example, people who have oily skin should choose a lightweight lotion, so that it will achieve a moisturizing effect and your skin will not look very greasy.

#Rule 2 – Exfoliate once a week (at least)

No matter you have normal skin or oily skin, it is essential to exfoliate old cells so the lively cells can come to the outer layer. A face scrub would be a good choice to exfoliate on a weekly basis; you should keep close attention to the responses of your skin and determine what the best is for you.

#Rule 3 – Don’t forget moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief, moisturizer plays an important role for oily skin. Thanks to excessive cleansing, your skin will produce more oil in order to create the skin’s moisture barrier.

#Rule 4 – Go for makeup with less oil

When it comes to choosing makeup products for oily skin, you should choose makeup products with less oil in order to have a better balance on oil control. For example, choosing an oil-free foundation will prevent you from looking too greasy.

#Rule 5 – Avoid Illuminating makeup

Shimmer and glitter may be very appealing when you want to have glamorous makeup; however, it may make oily skin looks greasier. It is better to have a matte finish so you can highlight your face shape but not over shiny.

Step by step A.M skincare routine
Step by step P.M skincare routine
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