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You wear makeup to make you look good every day. But how often do you clear your makeup brushes? Some might even hate doing it and refuse to do so. The fact is if your brushes haven’t been cleaned up, bacteria will build up and lead to unwanted breakouts at a result. Here are the tips to help your clean up your makeup brushes correctly and easily.

Cleaning at least once a month

Makeup artists suggest that makeup tools like the foundation and concealer brushes should be cleaned once a week at least, since those are directly used in your redness and sensitive area in your face. For those brushes used near eyes should be soaked at least twice a month. And the other types of makeup brushes should be washed once a month.

Simple steps to clean brushes

1.Use lukewarm water to wet the bristles

2.Apply gentle soap or shampoo directly into your palm and swirl the brush in your palm.

3.Rinse the brush tip under the lukewarm water once again and gently massage the bristles.

4.Use a towel to wipe your brush gently

5.Reshape the bristles back into their original shape.

6.Let the brush dry by hanging over the edge on the table

Signs to replace your brushes

You know everything wouldn’t last forever. The makeup brushes usually last for 3 months to 2 years. It depends on its usage condition to toss them. When you find your brush is shedding bristles and doesn’t return to its original shape after cleaning, it’s an obvious sign to replace it. Also, if there is one or two permanent dirt that can’t get cleaned up, you better toss them to avoid the breakouts.


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