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Are you looking for ways to pucker your lips? Check out the tips here to help your lips look lush and full.

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Lips tend to look dry out and shrink when they are dehydrated, so always apply lip balm before putting on anything else. To enhance the plumping effect, look for lip balm that is infused with peppermint oil, as peppermint is a natural circulation-enhancer, bringing more blood flow to the lips and make them swell in a subtle way.

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An easy and fast way to get the smoothest lips is to dunk a toothbrush in water and gently buff your flaky lips in concentric circles to smooth them out. The small, circular motions also help boost your circulation, giving your lips a naturally rosy hue.

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Before you grab a lipstick, priming your lips with foundation or concealer like the way you would do with your face. Pat a lightweight concealer or foundation onto the lips, to give the lip makeup a smoother finish. The foundation also help keep the fuller-look intact throughout the day.

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When it comes to flawless lip makeup, lip liner is the secret weapon of many makeup artists. Pick a lip liner that is one to two shades darker than your natural lip, as it can make the lips look more realistic and vibrant. Start from the Cupid’s bow (a.k.a. top centre of lips) and draw a shape that pleases you. Use the tip pointing up, and push the side of the pencil down on the lips at the same time. That way you can draw the outline and fill in all at once, remember to draw the line softly with care. Apply lipstick after the drawing is done, and voila! A pair of perfectly rich and saturated lips is what you have here.






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