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You may keep finding out the new beauty collections and different ways to stay beautiful. But it should start from your habits actually. You may not recognize how harmful bad habits are, but it requires more effort to repair as a result. Read on to remind yourself to break the bad beauty habits to have a beauty upgrade.

Sleeping and work out with makeup

After hangout or over-time work, you are too tired to remove your makeup before sleep. Or it is too convenient to go gym room directly after work and you totally forget to take your makeup off. Wearing makeup to exercise or sleep creates a layer to cover your pore. Then, the sweat, bacteria and chemical ingredients from makeup products are blocked in a pore and lead to dry skin and pimples as a result. So It’s time to break this bad habit as soon as possible to help you stay young and beautiful.

Portrait of a beautiful young woman in full make-up sleeping in a bed.

Don’t change your pillowcase often

You can’t have a nice dream without your loved smelling pillowcase. However, you don’t know how nasty your pillowcase is. The dirt, oil from your skin and hair, and even the dead skin keep accumulated on your pillowcase day by day, even if you can’t see or smell it. Such nasty will irritate your skin the next day. So it is suggested to change your pillowcase often (like once a week) and wash your face and hair before sleeping on. And trust me, it is the bad habit that worth quitting.

Young beautiful asian woman sleeping happy on white bed with happy feeling

Keep old skin care products for one more year

Shopping is the women’s common habit. Trying a new product before the old one running out is normal. But what will you do with the leftover personal care products? In fact, the skin care products once opened, they will degrade the effectiveness over time because of the break down from the external environment, like air, light, bacteria and humidity etc. What is more, expired products can irritate your skin. Therefore, it is suggested to throw out old skin care products after a year to avoid skin problems causing.

Cosmetic products, lipstik and perfume on gray background. Top view.

Hair styling

Different hair styles keep you looking fresh. But the heat from the styling tools will damage your hair. To help prevent overstyling, it is recommended to trim your hair regularly and use the heat conditioning mask to restore the hair moisture.

Woman applying spray on curly brown hair close-up

Contour for Your Face Shape


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