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You are always more beautiful than you think! Why? When you are doing basic make-up, applying BB cream or foundation to smooth your skin and get even skin tone, you are actually removing the dimension of your face, your best features. So, what should you do? Doing contour correctly can transform yourself to the next level, bring out your perfect features and cancel out some you may not like. You may think contour is difficult, yet, we come up with easy ways to contour for different face shapes! Why not surprise yourself and others by highlighting your best features!

1. Square shaped face

When it comes to square-shaped face, the temples, jawlines, and cheekbones are the most prominent features that you can make good use of. You can simply contour them with contour cream or contour powder to cancel these features out in order to make your face looks oval. What’s next? You can highlight your forehead and lower chin so that you can brighten your shape!


2. Round shaped face

If you get a round face, it means your length of the face is equal to the width. It is actually easier to handle than you imagine! The ultimate goal is to slimmer your face, so you would have to contour the shade of your face, and also sides of your forehead. Then, highlight the middle of your forehead, cheekbones, and lower chin.


3. Oval shaped face

You may confuse yourself with an oval-shaped or round shaped! When your length of the face is longer than the width for a half, then you got an oval shaped face. What to do? To create more balance for your face, you can create the shadow by contouring the sides of forehead and below your cheek. By doing so, your face would look shorter!


4. Heart shaped face

When it comes to heart-shaped, it means you have a wider forehead and your chin is narrower. In this case, you can contour your temple, side of your cheeks as well as your lower chin. This simple contouring would make your forehead and cheek look smaller.

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