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Brow microblading is a semi-permanent treatment to get thicker and fuller brows. Brow microblading care is similar to tattoo care. After microblading, your brows should be covered by sterilized wet cotton for 2 hours. For the first 7 days, you should not let water, cleanser, lotion or makeup touch your eyebrow area to avoid infection. Here are some care tips of brow microblading you should know.

Woman with ice pack. Flu and fever.

(1) Apply a cold compress

Beauty artists always claim that microblading is almost painless. But you may feel itchy right after the microblading treatment. You can use a cold compress wrapped by a cloth to calm and soothe the redness of your eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows dry and cool.

Beautician Microblading Eyebrows in Beauty Salon

(2) Treat your microbladed brows like a wound

Recovery time of your eyebrows is about 1-2 weeks. And, the pigment will be fully set after a month. Take care of your brow area like a wound for the first week. Do not let water touch your eyebrows. Use sterilized wet cotton to clean your brow area. Allow your eyebrows to air dry and then apply a thick layer of ointment.

Portrait shot of beautiful woman with no makeup posing with a bouquet of flowers near her face

(3) Do not apply makeup and skincare products

Your eyebrow area is sensitive for the first two weeks. Do not apply any makeup and skincare products on your brow area. Keep your brows clean is important. Dirt and oil on the brow area can lead to infection and irritation.

Asian women applying face lotion.

(4) Moisturize and apply sunscreen

Once your eyebrows healed, remember to moisturize and apply sunscreen to protect your eyebrows. You should always use Vaseline and a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on the brow area to fight against sun damage. Sun exposure may cause the pigment to fade away faster.  


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