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Your eyes tell a lot about you, it can be your state of mind or your age Needless to say, both dark circles and puffiness are your paramount concerns when it comes to your eyes. Yet, the skin around your eye areas is very delicate and sensitive; you need to take extra care of it no matter you are a skincare beginner or a veteran. You may think treating your eyes with expensive eye cream may help, but it is not true. Let’s check out 4 common mistakes you may make now!

1. You massage it with eye cream too hard

We know that you want to eliminate your dark eye circle or puffiness so much. You may think rubbing your eye with eye cream would help your skin to absorb eye cream better. Bear in mind that skin around your eye areas is extremely delicate, the harder you rub it, you are less likely it can heal your skin. How can you improve the situation? You may blend your eye cream on a cotton pad, and apply it to your eye gently.

2. You apply it without the right order

The eye cream is just like another skincare product, you have to apply it in the correct order to achieve the best result. When it comes to your skincare routine, the right order does matter. You should put the thickest one first, and the thinnest one lastly. So, you should apply your eye cream according to its texture to achieve the best result.

3. You apply it occasionally

There is an old saying we should keep in mind “Prevent before it happens”.  Most of us started to use eye cream only when we found a fine line or wrinkle from our eyes. The purpose of applying eye cream is to keep the skin under your eyes hydrated to prevent signs of aging. Of course, it is not too late if you apply it when you found some signs, it can reduce the fine line’s look, wrinkle, dark circle, or puffiness.

4. You only apply it at night

Most people believe that they should only apply eye cream before they go to bed, yet, this is wrong. The eye cream is just like our moisturizer, we should apply it both morning and night to let the effectiveness last all day long.

The importance of using eye creams

The eye area is so delicate and can be easily damaged. Using an eye cream is sufficient to keep the eye area from wrinkling or puffing. It helps to delay the signs of aging and keep the skin under the eyes firmer and smoother.


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