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No matter there will be an event, a party and an important reunion happened tomorrow, you shouldn’t rush to squeeze every pimple whenever it shows up. Why? Such an action is not only painful, but also leave scars on your skin. So please hold on patiently, here you go the proper tips to pop a pimple.

Tips #1 – the best popping time

Remember not to squeeze it too early. The proper time to pop a pimple is to wait until it has a firm white head. It means the pus is ready to be drained. Since your pores have already opened up after the shower steam and heat, it is the best time to squeeze your pimples after shower. Wash Use your fingers to squeeze the pimple softly.

Young woman with towel on her head is squeezing pimples on her cheek while looking into the mirror in bathroom

Tips #2 – lotion apply

For the skin care products for pimples, apply softening lotion or gel to the pimple, such as the aloe vera. Avoid applying oil-based skin care products to the skin, it will only cause the situation worse.

Aloe vera juice, gel, moisturising cream, soap and powder powder

Tips #3 – Wash hands

Before popping a pimple or whenever you want to touch your pimples, you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap. It is much better to wrap fingers with clean tissue when you are ready to pop your pimples. It can minimize the bacteria and debris to enter your wound and give enough protection for your skin.

Cropped shot of hands being washed at a tap

Tips #4 – Pop gently

All you need to pop a pimple is to do it softly. Apply gently pressure to press around the pimple to drain the pus. Remember that you are not supposed to force out the pus, so if the pus doesn’t come out easily from the pimple, stop squeezing.

Shot of an attractive young woman squeezing a pimple on her face in the bathroom

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