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You certainly know that some foods are bad for our skin so you would avoid it at your best. But, there are some of foods look quite healthy and you may have it every day now, then you have to think about to incorporate alternative to make your skin glow and shine! We have summed it up 5 common foods that wreck your skin!

1. Dairy products

We are told that milk or other dairy products are good for our skin since we were children. Yet, when you are having too much dairy than your body can absorb, your skin would react to the excessive proteins in milk, then you are going to expect a cystic breakout at your lower cheek areas. If you want to make sure that is not going to happen, cut down your intake of dairy products, replace by alternative products like plant milk.


2. Refined sugar

When we are low in emotion, we crave for sugars! Think about your favorite snacks, such as a donut, popcorn, pancake and etc., they are all full of refined sugar! And, refined sugar can provoke redness and inflammation. If you find yourself is easy to get acne, then you really have to reduce the intake of refined sugar. The first rule is to read the food label before you are going to purchase.


3. Shellfish

Seafood stew is everyone favorite, it is so tasty and fresh! Yet, clams, prawns, crabs, and lobsters contain iodine which causes skin’s allergy easily, such as clogged pores and acne. So, keep your seafood feast only once in a month, not too often. If you really like seafood, switch to fish as it contains omega fatty acids that make your skin glow!



4. Caffeine Drinks

A cup of Joe in the morning makes you a good morning! However, drinks that contain caffeine would dehydrate you, lack of water cause your skin loss of collagen and elasticity. As a result, your skin will be more likely to be sagging and wrinkles will be found on your face! What to do? Replace your caffeine drinks to teas or water, drinking 8 glasses of water can keep your skin hydrated.


5. Processed food

Surprisingly, we consume more processed food than we think, such as spam, ham, instant noodles and frozen meals. They are packed with additives and preservatives, and they make your blood sugar goes ups and downs in a short period of time. Moreover, it will affect your hormones and produce more oil on your skin.

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