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How long do you spend washing your face? Most people take 20 to 30 seconds. But that’s clearly still not enough. The cleansing hack that is going viral across social media is the #60secondrule. Let’s learn the magic of this new cleansing technique now!

What is the #60SecondRule?

This cleansing method comes from Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LABeautyologist, an esthetician who tells her Twitter followers to wash their face for 60 seconds straight to let the cleanser ingredients really penetrate the skin. And the 60-second rule allows products enough time to properly dissolve the makeup, oil and dirt on your face to achieve better skin.

Young beautiful Asian woman looking at mirror in the morning.

Rule #1 – Use lukewarm water

Contrary to popular belief, pores can’t open or close as they are not muscles. Washing your face with hot water does not help open and cleanse pores. The reality is hot water can be abrasive and strips your skin of natural oils and leave your skin feeling dry. Always stick to lukewarm water to protect your skin.

Woman wakes from sleep and she was cleansing the morning before shower

Rule #2 – Focus on T-zone

Taking 60 seconds also makes you pay attention to T-zone and U-zone (around the jawline) as these are areas people tend to ignore. Make sure you take your time to cleanse around the edges of your nose, under your chin, and around your hairline to keep pimples at bay.  

Acne spot pimple spot skincare beauty care girl pressing on skin problem face. Woman with skin blemish looking at mirror isolated  white background. Beautiful young Asian Caucasian female model.

Rule #3 – Moisturise immediately after cleansing

Go straight into your skincare routine a few seconds after washing up, as damp skin is more likely to absorb topical ingredients than dry skin. Be sure you apply your skincare product immediately after padding the skin dry from cleansing to reap the maximum benefits of your skincare products.

Crop female in white t-shirt taking care of skin putting cream on face on light blur background

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