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Wearing glasses on a regular basis may trigger breakouts. Glasses wearers always feel sad for their bridge of the nose and cheeks are problematic areas where are full of acne. Here are some acne-prevention strategies for you to ensure a perfect vision and perfect skin.

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(1) How do glasses cause acne?

One of the acne types is called “acne mechanica”. It develops when something is rubbing or putting pressure on the skin. When you are wearing a pair of glasses, some face areas like the bridge of your nose, cheeks and ears are always rubbed. Since the pores are clogged, it may lead to acne easily. Glasses wearers who wear heavy makeup or with oily skin will make this issue worse.  

(2) What are the acne-prevention strategies for glasses wearers?

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Clean your glasses frequently: You may not only wash your face to prevent acne. You should also wipe your glasses down and clean the frames regularly. Simply use soap and water to clean the glasses is fine enough. You can also use alcohol to rub the frames.

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Adjust your glasses: If your glasses are too tight, too thick or too heavy, they squeeze pressure to your skin. Dirt, oil and dead skin cells may block your pores and cause acne. You should consult your eye doctor to adjust your glasses. You may need to get a nose pad for your glasses to alleviate pressure on your nose.

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Take breaks from wearing your glasses: Try to take more breaks from wearing the glasses all day. You may wear when your acne pumps are severe. Even you can wear acne patches to protect and treat acne. Give time to your skin for recovery.

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Use a makeup remover before cleansing your face: Makeup may build up under your glasses and lead to acne. Use a makeup remover to remove your makeup thoroughly before washing your face with a facial cleanser. Keep your skin clear to prevent breakouts.


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