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With Father’s Day is just around the corner, have you given any thought on how to spoil your Dad? Give him a razor to improve his shaving routine can be a nice idea, but if you can’t decide whether you should go for a manual or electric razor, identify the differences between the two is the best way to start.

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Electric Razor
Since the introduction of the first fully electric, dry shaving razor in 1927, electric shaver has become the must-have for men who look for fast shaving. With minimal cleaning, no setup and cream is needed, simply turn on the razor, shave and be done, nowadays some shaving machine even have trimmers that makes lining up beards and hair edges pretty fast as well. But there are downsides to convenient shaving, it is basically impossible to get a smooth shaved look with electric razors. Also electricity source has to be somewhere nearby as getting caught half way through the shave with a dead razor definitely won’t make your dad happy.

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Manual Razor
On the contrary, manual shaver give a much closer shave than electric razors, which is also why a little more practice is needed when having a traditional wet shave, a few nicks and cuts is unavoidable if your dad is not used to manual razors. The biggest drawback is the prep time and by-products required for a manual razor. That means you might also need to prepare pre shave oil, shaving cream and after shave lotion for your Dad if you opt for a traditional razor. For the razors itself, you will also have to choose between single blade, double edge razors or multiple blade razors depending on the needs.

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Make Your Choice
So our verdicts are that if your Dad is not always pressed for time, get him a single-blade, double-edge safety manual razor, and let him enjoy the fun of grooming. If convenience and a decent shave is what your Dad’s after, get him an electric shaver. Either way, he will be pleased with your thoughtful gift for sure.





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