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The skin around the eyes is the most fragile and sensitive skin of your face. Skincare products for extra eye care are needed. Here are the product reviews of Collagen by Watsons and Target Pro by Watsons eye care product ranges to nourish your eyes, smooth the fine lines, diminish the dark circles, and brighten the skin around the eyes.

COLLAGEN BY WATSONS Youth Secret Eye Concentrate Cream

Dark circles and bags under the eyes make me look tired and older. Daily face cream cannot prevent the formation of them.

COLLAGEN BY WATSONS Youth Secret Eye Concentrate Cream

I love the texture of this eye concentrate cream so much! Its lightweight formulation can be absorbed into the skin without stickiness and greasiness. I use it every morning and night after cleansing and toning. 

0544_pic 1.1 0544_pic 1.2

The applicator is user-friendly to massage on the delicate eye area. Just tap a small amount of eye cream around the eye area with the eyes closed. Gently smooth along the upper and lower eyelids in a back-and-forth motion to enhance blood circulation until fully absorbed. 

Can you see it? It improves the appearance of puffiness and diminishes the dark circles significantly!


0544_pic 1.3


0544_pic 1.4

COLLAGEN BY WATSONS Youth Secret Line Correction Serum

Collagen by Watsons features Tri-collagen, which works in synergy to boost collagen levels in different layers of skin. 

COLLAGEN BY WATSONS Youth Secret Line Correction Serum

You can apply this line correction serum on your whole face, especially around the eye area to target fine lines and wrinkles to make them less visible and delivers deep and intensive care for the skin firmness.

0544_pic 2.1 0544_pic 2.2

It helps to tackle under-eye tiredness, which causes puffiness and dark circles. It also tightens up the skin around the eyes. It makes me look youthful and refreshing.


0544_pic 1.3



TARGET PRO BY WATSONS Age Defense Eye Contour Cream

0544_pic 3

Target Pro by Watsons Age Defense Eye Contour Cream is made in Japan that contains anti-aging ingredients like Diamond Sirt, Retinol, and Caffeine. This combination is perfect and powerful to eliminate crow’s feet wrinkles for the gentle and delicate eye area.

0544_pic 3.1

The texture is rich and creamy, which works best for saving our skin from an air-conditioning room. 

I love its convenient metal applicator that can massage and cool my puffy eyes to fully absorb the eye cream with gentle smoothing action from the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye. It also helps stimulate microcirculation around the eye contour area, which can tighten the skin around the eyes and reduce dark circles visibly.

0544_pic 3.2


0544_pic 1.3


0544_pic 3.5

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