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Summer is the season when girls love wearing short skirt and vest. However, many girls are suffering from back acne problem. With the problem of back acne, even you are wearing an off shoulder top, you are still outshone. Don’t let your back acne affect your outlook! Check out here to how to get rid of acne now!


Cause of back acne

Back acne is usually due to excessive secretion of oil on the back, together with poor cleaning, pore clogging or bacterial infection will be caused. And finally lead to back acne. In hope of improving the skin problem, before having any acne treatment, you can start by changing your living habits.

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Wearing breathable and absorbent clothing

In summer, it is suggested to wear breathable and absorbent clothing, because sebaceous glands on the back will be more vigorous under the hot weather. Wearing breathable and absorbent clothing can prevent blocking pores by the secretion of grease, sweat and dirt. Without blocking pores on the back, you can get rid of back acne easily. In addition to wearing appropriate clothing, you need to wipe sweat and wash clothes regularly to avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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Replace the daily necessities regularly

Not only clothes are our most personal items, the body towel is also one of the most common items that will expose to our skin. Therefore, towels at home must be washed and replaced regularly to avoid using towel with bacteria which may cause back acne. Beside towels,

bed sheets should be regularly cleaned to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

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Correct bathing habits

Wrong bathing habits will also lead to the appearance of back acne.  If you leave shower gel on your body during shower, it will stimulate the pores and lead to acne hyperplasia. Thus, make sure you clean your body completely without having residue on your body. For those girls who have more exuberant oil secretion on the back, it is suggested not to choose those high moisturizing cream which may increase the burden of the skin.

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Having healthy diet

It is important for girls to have healthy diet if they are easy to have back acne. Drink plenty of water, have more intake of fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid eating irritating food, such as fried, barbecue, onion, garlic or spicy food and get rid of sweets, chocolate, etc., so your body can recover from the problem of back acne fundamentally.

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Regular exfoliation

Blood circulation and metabolic capacity are relatively weak at the back. Thus, the body waster, fat and grease are easy to accumulate at the back. Together with the thick stratum corneum, acne will be formed easily. In order to have pretty and tender back skin, it is recommended to use exfoliating products regularly to remove dirt or metabolic waste in the pores.


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