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Blackheads are hard to get rid of. Those tiny black dots just keep coming back on your nose, chin and forehead. How to treat blackheads the right way? Here are four tips to say goodbye to blackheads for good.

#1 Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin twice a week can go a long way to prevent dead skin, dirt and oil from getting trapped in your pores. Those with dry, sensitive skin may just use a washcloth, as mechanical exfoliation may be too irritating. Exfoliants tend to be drying to the skin. Just be sure you slather on a thick layer of hydrating lotion right after to replenish the moisture lost. If not, your skin will produce more oil and therefore more blackheads.

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#2 Use clay masks

Blackhead-clearing clay masks are like vacuums for your pores. Plan a weekly clay mask to clean put pores and clear up your complexion. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, until it tightens and indicates that all excess oil has been absorbed. Remember to keep your skin hydrated before and after, since clay can be rather drying.

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#3 Go for a chemical peel

Applying an over-the-counter at-home peel containing AHAs or glycolic acid is an effective way to break down oil in congested pores. Instead of scrubbing away dead skin cells, a chemical peel dissolves them and it does get a little bit deeper than a normal scrub. However, you should not peel too frequently. Once a week is good enough. Do avoid sun exposure, scrubs, lasers after a peel.

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#4 Try a retinoid night treatment

Make retinoids part of your night-time skincare routine for a blackhead-free complexion. The vitamin A derivatives not only increase cell turnover, but also help pores be less susceptible to getting clogged and therefore prevent blackheads from forming in the first place.  Retinoids can be very drying. Be sure you prepare your skin by applying a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid or ceramides before your retinol at night. And do not use it every day from the beginning. You need to work your way up to consistent use.

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