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For many women, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. On your special day, you’ll want to shine like a star in front of your groom and guests. Looking your best isn’t as difficult as you might fear – just follow these tips to keep your skin as beautiful and flawless as possible!



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Cleaning your face is the first and foremost step of any skincare regimen, because it removes the dirt on the surface of your face and lets your pores breathe. Be sure to choose the right cleanser to match your skin’s nature to avoid unnecessary and unwanted complications!


Acne products

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Who wants their wedding pictures marred by pimples? On your wedding day, keep an acne lotion on hand as a precaution to remove any pimples!


Exfoliating products

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Regular exfoliation can give your skin a timely, refreshing boost. However, if you do it too frequently, it can harm your skin – once a week is good enough! After you exfoliate, make sure to moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated!



Using a thick skincare serum on your face can hurt or irritate your skin, especially in summer. Choose a thinner, lighter one that won’t overburden your skin.


Eye cream

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Planning a wedding can leave you overworked and under slept, so avoid dark circles under your eyes by nourishing them with an eye cream. To boost effectiveness, use creams with different functions during the day and night!


Lip care

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No bride wants to kiss her groom with dry or chapped lips. Apply a lip mask at least once a week to keep your lips hydrated and irresistible!

When your special day arrives, you’ll be ready to enjoy a perfect wedding with a perfect complexion!





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