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Many factors may cause dry and sensitive skin, such as dry weather, hot showers and harsh ingredients of body wash. Let’s learn some home remedies to sooth the skin conditions.

Vapor from humidifier in the morning light in a living room

(1) Humidifier

Air has less moisture during cold weather. Use a humidifier in your home to emit mist and add moisture to the air. It can maintain the indoor humidity level to prevent dry skin, chapped lips and bloody nose.

Oatmeal and brush on white background

(2) Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal bath is a common home remedy to rescue dry and sensitive skin. It can moisturize your skin instantly to lock in the barrier. Add fine oatmeal powder into warm water and stir it. Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve itchy skin and irritation. Don’t take a long-time bath with hot water!

Beautiful girl with red lips having a milk bath

(3) Milk

Wash your face with fresh milk or use a cloth to dip milk and coat your irritated skin for several minutes can nourish the skin. Milk has anti-inflammatory properties and lactic acid to soothe and moisturize your dry and sensitive skin.

Aloe vera with sliced on white background for beauty and healthy product concept

(4) Aloe Vera

Put the fresh aloe vera on dry and sensitive face, hands or feet to retain the skin moisture. Even, you can cover the affected area with aloe vera gel by socks or gloves before going to bed. Leave the gel overnight to rescue the dehydrated and sensitive skin. Aloe vera can enhance the collagen production of skin to restore skin nutrients and improve skin elasticity.

cosmetic bottle and fresh organic coconut for skincare, natural brown background

(5) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a mild and natural oil. It contains emollient properties and saturated fatty acids which treat dry skin well. Coconut oil can improve the skin hydration significantly. It is good for applying to whole body including under eyes and around the mouth.


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