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No matter how hard you follow the skincare routine, there are pimples or acne pop up at your face. According to the dermatologist, we should not pop or squeeze pimples as it would damage our skin by pushing infected materials into our dermis. Indeed, there is another option to heal pimples and acne properly, that little patches hanging on the skincare aisle. Keep reading down to learn what are acne patches and how do they work!

What are acne patches?

When you are shopping at the beauty aisle, you may find there is another option at the acne treatment aisle, facial stickers ranging from a small circle to half-moon shape. What they are? These magical stickers help you to fight pimples or acne with powerful anti-inflammation ingredients. Instead of popping or squeezing your acne or pimples, you can simply place an acne patch on the spot before going to bed, and then you will find it soothes the redness and skin irritation in the next morning. You may wonder how this little sticker would be the most effective way to treat pimples or acne!

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How do acne patches work?

1. Absorb excessive fluids

Don’t underestimate the power of this small patch. It is made of hydrocolloid dressing that helps drawing moisture from your pores without drying your surrounding skin. Even better, the acne patch helps you to absorb excess fluids, oils, and dirt from the pimples or acne so that brings down blemish swelling, redness, and size.    

2. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients

Not only do the patches absorb excessive fluids, but it also provides powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients to fight acne without a sweat. For example, it packed with ingredients like tea tree and salicylic acid which effectively brings down inflammation and prevents spots from erupting.

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3. Prevent touching pimples or acne

Why does acne patches become the most effective acne treatment? When you place a patch on spot, it actually prevents you from touching the pore. According to a dermatologist, acne patches can reduce the risk of inflammation, healing time and inflection.

woman look mirrior feel upset and touch her face with acne problem


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