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Maskne can be a very serious problem when we must wear a mask all day long in hot and humid weather. Here are some tips regarding managing allergic reactions caused by long periods of wearing a mask.

Use moisturizing products that provide excellent soothing properties

Dry skin is more prone to allergic reactions. Protect your skin with a moisturizing product that contains excellent soothing ingredients like Dr. G ‘s Centella asiatica extract.

Hypoallergenic exfoliating

Appropriate exfoliating care can contribute greatly to creating healthy skin through its ability to increase the skin’s turnover cycle. However, lengthy, or harsh exfoliating may lead to other inflammatory problems. Try a mild peeling gel for sensitive skin. We recommend gommage or other watery formulas.

Choose your mask well

For sensitive skin, dermatitis may occur due to contact with synthetic fibers and adhesives, which are contained in masks. Try avoiding colored masks and do not reuse masks to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Choose a mask that minimizes irritation, and manage allergic reactions caused by masks through appropriate skincare!

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