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Beauty and skincare industries are dynamic and ever-changing. For skincare trends in 2021, the self-care, plant-based ingredient, upcycling and marine-safe skincare products are rising stars.  From minimalistic skincare routine to the rise of eco-friendly and sustainable products are the emerging skincare trends.

(1) Refillable skincare

Switching to refillable skincare products is a good beginning to reduce the packaging waste of skincare products for better sustainability. Refill the skincare products by reusing the skincare containers is a sustainable low-waste practice to save the planet.

(2) De-stressing skincare

The pandemic worsens the public’s mental health. It raises the awareness to protect and support mental health. Stress and anxiety affect your skin. That’s why de-stressing skincare becomes a new trend. A de-stressing skincare regime is a great self-care tool. Those products focus on the effects on your mood.

(3) Personalized skincare

You can see that many key beauty and skincare brands launch personalized products.  Personalized skincare becomes a growing trend. Customers can choose the ingredients or the formulas to build their own skincare products that suit their skin concerns the best. It’s a more custom-made and less wasteful skincare approach.

(4) Skinimalism

Less is more! Skinimalism is one of the hottest skincare trends in 2021 while we are always wearing a mask. Skinimalism is all about minimalism and sustainability in your daily skincare routine. It is the trend of natural, minimal, or no-makeup beauty looks to reveal natural skin.

(5) Blue-light protection

Blue light means high energy visible (HEV) light that is emitted from the screens of mobile phones and computers. Blue light penetrates the skin that can damage your skin and lead to hyperpigmentation. Consumers start considering the skincare products containing blue-light blocker ingredients to create a protective film to combat adverse effects caused by blue light.

(6) Biodegradable & marine-safe/reef-safe

Certain ingredients of skincare products like sunscreens and soaps are highly toxic to corals and marine life. Consumers start to be eco-conscious and go for biodegradable and marine safe/reef-safe skincare products that do not contain toxic ingredients, such as benzophenone-2, oxybenzone, octinoxate, and parabens.

(7) Holy grail (Multi-functional) moisturizer

Multi-functional moisturizers become more popular that help saves money and shorten the time of daily skincare regimen. How to select the best holy grail moisturizer? The answer is keeping it simple that won’t lead to skin irritation, inflammation, or breakouts. Go for a holy grail moisturizer that is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and without harsh active ingredients.

(8) Cruelty-free skincare

Consumers want better quality skincare products and become more environmentally conscious. They look for products that are no testing on animals and do not contain animal ingredients. For example, Lanolin in moisturizers is the wax-like substance from sheep’s wool. Thus, the demand for cruelty-free skincare products is increasing rapidly.

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