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Wearing masks can worsen existing skin problems or cause new ones.  Read on and find out simple tips to avoid skin problems from wearing a mask.

1.  Cleanse correctly

If you sweat a lot or have excess sebum, you might prefer a stronger cleanser. However, these can be bad for your skin. Using a cleansing product with a subacid base is a must, and regular exfoliation is also recommended to get rid of germs and dead skin cells.

2. Go for hypoallergenic moisturizing ingredients

Using a product that is not suitable for your skin not only can cause acne, but can also worsen it. It can be helpful to use ingredients that help control sebum and suppress the bacteria to keep acne at bay.


3. Maintain proper skin temperature

Wearing a face mask in the hot weather can be quite uncomfortable. The fact is that masks tend to trap heat, allowing excess sebum and anaerobic bacteria to grow on the skin. Try a soothing product and make sure you get periodic ventilation. Worried about getting acne or irritations wearing a face mask in the hot weather? Just by keeping skin at the proper temperature, you can prevent excess sebum, bacterial growth, and destruction of the skin.

4. Choose your mask well

If you have sensitive skin, dermatitis may occur due to contact with synthetic fibres and adhesives, which are contained in masks. Try avoiding coloured masks and do not reuse masks to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Choose a mask that minimizes irritation, and manage allergic reactions caused by masks through appropriate skincare.

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