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The new Collagen by Watsons Hydro Balance skincare range helps improve skin moisturisation and elasticity. It features an Advanced Smart Water Replenisher, and Collume®️ is an award-winning biodesigned Vegan Collagen, which is more powerful than traditional Marine Collagen. Keep reading to unlock the beauty secrets!

How to keep your skin hydrated?

Collagen is a key component of your skin. It plays an essential role in strengthening skin, as well as in hydration and elasticity. As you age, your body produces less collagen which leads to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles.

Thus, using Collagen skincare products can help increase blood flow to the skin, improve skin elasticity and reduce visible wrinkles.

Does your skin feel dull and dry? What is Collume®️?

Collagen by Watsons Hydro Balance range features Collume®️. Collume®️ is a pioneering, 100% vegan Collagen ingredient, which is 20X more powerful* than traditional marine collagen on skin moisturisation, firmness, and elasticity. It is also a 100% animal-free cleaner ingredient.

*Based on 2 weeks of in vivo testing comparing Collume® to Marine Collagen in 18 subjects

It deeply rejuvenates your skin with innovative hydrating ingredients and an advanced Smart Water Replenisher that strengthens the skin barrier to optimise its moisture-sebum balance and lock in moisture, leaving skin feeling energised and revitalised.


Hydrate Your Skin with Collagen by Watsons Hydro Balance

Cleansing Foam

It is a rich and purifying foam for everyday skincare. Use morning and night to gently draw out dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Beauty tips: Refreshing your skin without drying it out.

Moist Toner

It is a refreshing formula that revitalises your skin. To help you maximise your daily skincare routine, Hydro Balance hydrates and softens your skin, preparing it for other skincare products.

Beauty tips: DIY your Toner Mask by soaking the cotton pads and applying it to the face for 3-5 mins. Quick & Easy!

Intense Serum

It locks in moisture without shininess or oiliness. Whenever your skin is feeling dry, a squeeze of serum works to intensely boost your skin’s moisture level.

Beauty tips: Mix 1-2 drops serum into your foundation to keep your skin hydrated under makeup.

Water Gel Bomb

It is an ultra-light gel cream that infuses large amounts of moisture into your skin. Whenever your skin is feeling dry and delicate, it delivers the rapid boost of hydration that you need.

Beauty tips: More than a moisturiser. Apply thickly to use as a sleeping mask.

Instant Hydrating Night Cream

It rapidly moisturises your skin and helps to maintain an optimal sebum balance. For long-lasting hydration you’ll love it, it locks in moisture to keep your skin glowing and healthy-looking.

Beauty tips: Apply night cream at least 10 minutes before you hit the bed.

Eye Treatment Cream

It is a fast-absorbing gel cream that soothes and hydrates. To help keep your eye area looking youthful and radiant, Hydro Balance helps smooth out fine lines and keeps your skin moisturised.

Beauty tips: The massage roller helps enhance absorption and smooth out fine lines.

Day Cream SPF20

It fully moisturises your skin without a greasy feeling. For daily sun protection, you can depend on it, it is the ideal way to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and help prevent visible aging and dryness.

Beauty Tips: Day cream with SPF is your everyday partner! Apply after your skin regimen, and before makeup

Facial Mist

It is a two-tone mist that consists of nourishing oils and refreshing essence water. Whenever your skin needs a boost, a spray of Hydro Balance is the perfect way to restore moisture and energy. 

Beauty Tips: Use it anytime and anywhere to keep your skin hydrated!

  • Use it after makeup to prolong the makeup
  • When you stay long in an air conditioning room, use it for instant comfort.
  • Use it to keep your skin fresh during outdoor activities.


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