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When it comes to skincare, we are willing to pay for expensive skincare products like anti-aging serum, muscle firming essence and collagen drinks as we think they will help us to stay younger and look better in a magical way. However, we overlook the importance of moisturizer in our skincare routine since a thin layer of moisturizer doesn’t make you look so different. So, when you are in a rush, then you just ignore it, right? By doing this, you are actually diminishing the effect of the skin care products you are using, why?  Let’s check out the importance of moisturizer in your skincare routine!

1. Moisturizer prevents your skin getting old easily

Not only does moisturizer keep your skin hydrated, but it also helps your skin to look young!  When you put a layer of moisturizer on your skin, you are actually putting a barrier between your skin and the outer environment, such as sun ray, dust, and dirt in the air. When it comes to the sensitive skin areas on your face, it is easier to be damaged by external factors and make your skin getting old. On the flip side, when your skin stays hydrated, and then it allows younger skin cells go to the surface. As a result, your skin always looks younger!


2. Moisturizer prevents your skin break out

Moisturizer is the basic skin care item for all skin types, be it dry skin or oilier skin. Moisturizer helps your skin to maintain balance, it prevents your skin to be too dry or too oily, keeps the water locks into your skin so that it can reduce acne or break out.


3. Moisturizer makes your make-up last longer

When the humidity in the air is high, it is annoying that your make-up cannot last very long. What is the hack to keep your make-up last longer? You can simply apply moisturizer before your foundation as a protective base that keeps excessive oil from the skin. For this reason, your make-up can last longer even under humid weather.


4. Moisturizer makes your skin tone even

When your skin is hydrated enough, it has a healthy sheen that can even your skin tone. Besides, it acts as a concealer that can even out any existing blemishes. As a result, your skin complexion is even!


Honey skin care routine


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