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When it comes to oily skin, we all need to extra care for it. You have tried out different treatment or skin care products; yet, it is still very difficult for you to maintain the balance of your skin. Want to wake up in a good skin days? Why not follow the J-Beauty skin care routine?

What is J-Beauty?

You probably heard about K-Beauty which is well known for the “10 step regimen”. Yet, J-Beauty is the new start which focuses on the ZEN mindset, it aims at achieving the balance and the deep cleansing of your skin with gentle treatment. And, there are only three skincare routines for J-Beauty, such as skin cleansing, plumping your skin and nourishing your skin.

Why is J-Beauty good for oily skin?

Contrary to popular belief, most people think they need harsh cleansing products in order to clean excessive facial oil. Yet, over cleansing would be harmful to the balanced state of your skin. Indeed, applying gentle face washer is better for oily skin. And, J-Beauty skin care routine is all about gentle and soft skin treatment. Besides, it emphasizes on keeping moisture in your skin.

Routine 1# Cleansing and Double Cleansing

The philosophy of J- Beauty is deeply rooted in its tradition, the idea of cleansing and double cleansing is inspired by the onsen rituals which focus on purifying yourself frequently. Morning is the best time for the first cleansing, you may find yourself wake up with a shine and oily face, it is difficult for you to put on make-up, right? No panic! Firstly, you can start with cleansing oil in order to remove excessive oil, dirt and debris after a whole night. After applying cleansing oil, you will find your skin is refreshing and hydrated!

But, we don’t stop it here! Follow by double cleansing with cleansing powder, it will soften your skin and keep your skin clean!

A woman doing skin care with cosmetic lotion.

Routine 2# Plumping your skin with essence

You may think that shine skin is equal to hydrated skin. Wrong! Excessive oil on your face is the sign that your skin is dehydrated. J-Beauty is all about the entity balance of our skin; it enhances better balance with essence or essence oil. Treating your skin with essence also provides you a layer to block the dust and dirt from your skin; it results in preventing acne or pimples and soothing your skin.

Natural cosmetic packaging.blank tube bottle container with green leaves. top view.mock up beauty product concept.

Routine 3# Nourishing your skin

Simplicity and being practical is what you can expect for J-Beauty! After all essential treatment, the last thing you have to do is to nourish and protect your skin. What to do? By simply applying day cream, you can keep your skin hydrated and protect your skin from the sun’s ray. Better yet, it keeps your skin clean all day long by blocking dirt and dust from your skin!

beauty woman with moisturizer concept in the bathroom

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